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7 Dimensions

ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis – What is it?!


At Impact ABA, we use behavioral principles and evidence based interventions to increase skill sets and decrease challenging behaviors. 


ABA is based on these 7 dimensions – and we make sure that we apply all of these dimensions into our individualized treatment plans and goals for each client: 


  1. Applied –

    • Social significance of the behavior that is being changed.
    • Behavior change is aimed at improving the quality of life for the individual. Always.
  2. Behavioral –

    • The behavior being changed must in fact be a behavior – an action that can be measured. 
  3. Analytic –

    • Shows a relationship between the behavior and the environment. We take data because of this! It helps guide us to what intervention will be best.
  4. Technological –

    • When a procedure is described in objective and clear detail, it is considered technological. We want all of the staff working on a case to know exactly what a behavior looks like (Click here to meet us!)
  5. Conceptually Systematic –

    • When the procedures that we use are tied to the behavior analytic principles.
    • Our interventions are research based and they are all related to a principle of ABA.
  6. Effective –

    • The socially significant behavior that is being changed must have an intervention that is practical and effective.
    • We are here to change behaviors that are important to the individual or to their lives. We are always here to make a difference for them.
  7. Generality –

    • Change must last over time and happen in other environments – other than the one where we teach it. We always plan for this in our treatment plans and we also want the behavior to occur (or not occur) everywhere for our clients. Community outings are one way we do this!



Do these sound like important parts of therapy to you? Leave a comment and tell us which dimension seems the most important!

Click here to read more from the experts themselves on these 7 dimensions – Baer, Wolf, & Risley!

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